How ’13 Reasons Why’ left me woebegone!

Recently, while going through my Instagram feed, I stumbled upon a post about an American TV series called ’13 Reasons Why?’. I kinda loved the title and was instantly hooked.

I binge-watched all the 13 episodes of the show in a day. Yes, all of them in a day. I stayed in bed all day and watched back-to-back episodes of Netflix’s most talked-about show this year.

I have this habit of functioning in extremes. I never know where to draw the line and I just keep immersing myself into a very limited number of things I love.


Anyway, coming back to ’13 Reasons Why’, I was totally disgusted by the theme of the show in the beginning. Watching episodes 1-7 felt like a total drag but, by the end of Season 1, I was at a loss for words.

Something was bothering me constantly. Then, I asked myself, ‘To what extent do my actions affect people around me? ‘

If I think of it, I say whatever that comes to my mind without even thinking once, forget twice. I don’t return calls. I don’t reply to texts. At times, which is most of the time, I don’t even acknowledge the fact that other people even exist.


I don’t feel the need to bond with people or engage in useless social activities. In my spare time, I love to sleep, read, write and watch random stuff.

I rarely open up to people. I am a loner and I love my own company more than anything else in this world.

Does that make me an evil person?

I am anything but tender-hearted. Something has to be excruciatingly intense to get me thinking and watching ’13 Reasons Why’ made me pensive.


Did I cause someone pain by not being there?

Was I a bad friend?

Have I ever made someone go through hell?

I have been hurt, let down, stood up, cheated on, humiliated and rejected. Detachment is my defense mechanism. This is how I deal with all the shit that I have gone through.

A 17-year-old girl named Hannah Baker ended her life because she was bullied, witnessed a horrific crime, misjudged people and when she sought help, nobody turned up.

I understand that most people need the company of other humans to maintain their sanity but ‘what a waste of life!’.

A lot of times I felt that Hannah was stupid, needy, coward and a drama queen but that 3-minute suicide scene broke my heart.


I don’t want to judge anymore, I just want to see things as they are.

Is it actually fair to expect a teenager to be so mentally strong?

“Hello, boys and girls. Hannah Baker here. Live and in stereo. No return engagements. No encore. And this time, absolutely no requests. I hope you’re ready, because i’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you’re listening to theses tapes, you’re one of the reasons why.

Now, why would a dead girl lie?”

Hannah’s words haunt me whenever I even think of being mean to someone for no good reason. They pierce through my heart and freeze my soul.

Yes, this show does glorify suicide but at the same time, it also forces us to introspect. It calls out to all of us to be better humans/ friends/ siblings/ partners/ parents.

We can never truly understand what the other person is going through but we can at least try.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” ― Ram Dass

We have to look after each other. We have to make sure we all get to wherever we are going, together. It’s so incredibly easy to forget to be human, and we do it all the time. We hurt other people. We betray other people. We ignore other people. And that’s no way to live.

You have to reach out and touch the rest of the world. The other people. The other isolated souls. And you can do this online, you don’t even have to leave the fucking house. Find someone. Walk them home.


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